Waterproof LED Light Strips

Upgrade a variety of outdoor areas with Solid Apollo’s Waterproof LED Strip Lights. Add vibrant controllable lighting to your deck, throughout the back yard to highlight  features, or add lighting in the bathroom or other areas where humidity is a concern. Waterproof LED Strip Lights are safe and cool to the touch. They run on low voltage power, which means immediate energy savings and minimizes electrical hazards.

Examples of Applications for Waterproof LED Strip Lights:

  • Install in Wet or Humid Locations such as Bathrooms and Kitchens
  • Enhance Outdoor Elements or Decorations
  • Add Light around Water Features and Fountains
  • Install Light along Decks, Retaining Walls and Banisters
  • Outline Pathways and Patios
  • Illuminate Trees, Bushes, Planters and Topiaries

The Waterproof LED Light Strips come fully waterproofed with protective high grade silicon with built in UV protection. The lights strips are easy to personalize and modify to fit any lighting project, as each light strip has cut points every couple inches depending on the brightness. 

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