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Solid Apollo LED

Solid Apollo LED was founded in 2009 and is based in North Seattle, WA. Solid Apollo LED is a company that designs, manufactures and distributes state of the art LED lighting and LED control systems. We provide solutions for the lighting market; from light engines  to specific control systems.

Solid Apollo Offers 1000's of different LED Lighting products and control systems. From basic to high end LED Lighting installations. With more than 6000sq feet of warehouse and more than 1000 different products in stock, we can ship almost any product the same day.

Services Solid Apollo LED Offers:

Project Consultation

When selecting different LED lighting systems, having all the knowledge and information from the start can make a difference in your project. Solid Apollo LED can help you get all the important products and specifications from the start. Our team of account managers and engineers will help you build a system that will work flawlessly - from specifying the product, choosing control systems and accessories, to providing electrical diagrams for installation.

Product Customization

Solid Apollo offers a wide range of product customization features such as specific color temperature and color rendering indexes. Solid Apollo can design and create any modification for any of the products that we offer. Solid Apollo also provides assistance in design, manufacturing and certification of LED lighting products and control systems.

ODM Services

Solid Apollo can also design and manufacture LED lighting products under the clients own specifications and brand. Contact us for more information.