Dynamic White LED Strip Lights

Dynamic White LED Strip lights from Solid Apollo features a new and innovative way to create any color tone from a vivid and comfortable warm white to a crystal clear pure white. This state of the art Dynamic White LED Strip is the perfect solution where color temperature must be adjusted on a continuous basis. This is done by using 2 different LED Chips alongside the Led Light Strip.

For example the 44W Dynamic White LED strip Light has 600 LEDs. 300 units are warm white and 300 units are Pure White. The LED Chips are placed in an interlacing fashion; Warm White-Cold White-Warm White and so forth. By using a 2 circuit Flexible Printed Circuit, individual control can be achieved for both types of Chips. By increasing and decreasing the light output of each color, we are able to create any type of white or Dynamic White. This is very useful when lighting up different scenarios that require the light to have a different consistency for each use.

In a museum display case or in the jewelry business, depending on what types of items are being displayed, some items will show their natural colors better in Daylight white rather that warm white. Therefore the Light color tone can be adjusted precisely every time a new show is presented. It can be easily cut with plain scissors every 6.6” and it includes 3M Premium grade double sided tape for easy installation on any surface.

Dynamic White LED Strips Lights are perfect for:

  • Retail Display cases
  • Jewelry Displays
  • Hospitality lighting
  • Museum and event display lighting
  • Cove Lighting

Solid Apollo Dynamic White LED strip Lights are specifically designed to offer a dynamic white setting which can deliver any color temperature from 3100ºk warm white to 6000ºk Pure white.



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Dynamic White Constant Current PRO-Line 5730 132W LED Strip Light
Dynamic White Constant Current PRO-Line 5730 132W LED Strip Light
SKU: SA-LS-PRO-WW-W-CC-5730-600-24V
  • Fully Dimmable
  • Easily Change White Color Temperature
  • Fully Adjustable Between Super Warm White and White
  • Color:Super Warm White 2700K and White 6000K
  • Super Warm White 359 Lumens/Foot, White 378 Lumens/Foot
  • 10mm Printed Circuit Board Width
  • ETL Listed (US and Canada) for Safety and Durability
  • 16.4’ Spool
  • 36 SMD 5730 LED’s/Foot
  • Super Small Cut Points Under Every 2”
  • Includes 6" Long Lead Wires for Easy Connecting
  • Strong 3M Double Sided Tape
  • Great for Dramatic Entertainment Lighting, Cove Lighting and Accent Lighting
QTY Price per unit
1-4 $189.00
5-10 $181.00
11+ $170.00
LEDWizard Dynamic White LED Controller
LEDWizard Dynamic White LED Controller
  • Easily control the color temperature from warm white to white and anywhere in between
  • Easily dim lights using the four dimming presets
  • Select color temperature easily with the color Temperature wheel
  • Add up to four zones
  • Soft ON/OFF function
  • Magnetic wall mount remote holder included
QTY Price per unit
1-4 $75.00
5-10 $72.00
11+ $67.50