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Are you looking for a specific product to meet your needs? Here at we can help your project become a reality. We have provided numerous customers with a solution that meets their specific requirements and  needs! We can engineer a product from scratch or we can modify current products to meet your requirements.

We offer complete service:

  • Product Assessment
  • Initial Prototyping
  • Demo Units
  • Full Production
  • Certification: UL and CE

We think not! We can deliver any product under your specifications. Because we design in house and manufacture directly we are able to produce customized products at an affordable price. Also we can deliver in less than 4 weeks!

Give us a call and find out how you can easily have the product you need at an affordable price. 425-582-7533

Flexible LED backlighting solution

We designed this flexible lighting system for a customer that was looking for a solution to backlight big irregular areas. The product is made of flexible PCB, and it has 16 Triple Chip LEDs with 1200 Lumen output.
Retail Display LED lighting Solution

This product was designed for a multinational cell phone distribution company with 9,000 stores worldwide. The customer was looking for a solution to replace conventional lighting in tight spaces where cell phones and laptops are displayed.

Also, the customer was looking for a solution that would not produce heat and that would have a huge lifespan, in order to avoid having to change the light source continually.

The product is made of an aluminium PCB with 85 LEDs, Triple Chip 5050.

LED Beacon System

This product was designed for a German car manufacturer. This unit was designed to emit a 250ms Flash in order to be integrated in a Beacon system aimed at road security.

It is made of 4 PCBs and white through hole LEDs.

Display LED lamps for cosmetics company

These lamps were designed for a multinational cosmetics company for their “Shop in Shop” outlets. The customer wanted to have a specific lam made out of polished brass, in order to light up their cosmetics.

The lamps had to deliver ultra white light with no heat emmision.

LED Bars for food Display

These bars were made for a customer that sells Airport restaurant food displays. The customer needed a system that could light up the food without producing any heat and with no food colouring change, to keep the food looking tasty.

The units were embedded in the customers Steel food displays, and the LED Aluminium bar was created to their own measurements and light output.


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