SolidApollo LED - RGB LED Strip 16 feet Kit

RGB LED Strip 16 feet Kit

RGB LED Strip 16 feet Kit
RGB LED Strip Kit LED Controller RGB LED Strip LED Strio Cutting Points Color Changing LED Strips examples LED Color Changing Controller
Our price: $149.00

ETL Listed ETL Listed
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Accessories 10mm RGB Accessories
LED Color RGB color changing
Total LEDs 150
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Watts per Foot 2.01
Watts per Spool 36W
LED Type Epistar SMD 5050
Warranty 3 Years
Weight 1.5 Lbs
IP Rating IP33
Control System PWM RGB
Expected Life Span 50,000 Hrs
Working Temperature 32-180F
Certificates ETL (US and Canada), CE, RoHS, UL Listed

Color Changing LED Strip Lighting  Kits

This 16 Foot Color Changing LED strip kit includes absolutely everything you need to make it work. No soldering, no splicing cables, just 1 minute connection and you are ready to go!

Enjoy the magic of color changing light at your fingertips. Create the mood and ambient you wish. Have full control of the color, Brightness and Program speed. The 36W RGB LED Strip Lights are ETL certified for both US and Canada and the power supply is UL certified.

This high quality LED strip includes the following:

- 1 X 16 foot (5m) RGB color Changing 36W LED Strip with 150 RGB LEDS
- 1 X manual RGB Controller with 31 programs, Brightness and color control.
- 1 X 48W 24 Volt transformer (UL Listed) with barrel connector.
- 1 X Female barrel connector and cable for easy power up (already installed)

Is it easy to set up?
Yes! You will just take less than a minute:

1. Connect the transformer to the controller with the included barrel connectors.
2. Connect the led strip to the controller through the 4 down screws.
3. Un/Spool the led strip
4. Plug the transformer to the wall
5. Place the led strip where desired (double sided 3M tape in the back of the strip) and you are done!


Some of the main pre-saved programs include:
7 static colors, 7 Color jumping programs, 7 Color flashing programs, 7 Color fade programs and dual color fade, flash and flickering programs, all listed below.

The 31 Pre-Saved Programs:
1. Static Red
2. Static Green
3. Static Blue
4. Static Yellow
5. Static Purple
6. Static Cyan
7. Static White
8. 7-Color Jump
9. 7-Color Flickering
10. 6-Color Jumping
11. 6-Color Flickering
12. RGB Jumping
13. RGB flicker
14. Red-Green jumping
15. Red-Blue jumping
16. Green-Blue jumping
17. White jumping
18. 7-Color Gradual Change
19. RGB gradual change
20. Red-Green gradual
21. Red-Blue gradual
22. Green-Blue gradual
23. 7-Color fade in, fade out
24. RGB fade in, fade out
25. White fade in, Fade out
26. Red-Green Fade
27. Red-Blue Fade
28. Green-Blue Fade
29. Red fade in, fade out,
30. Green fade in, fade out
31. Blue fade in, fade out

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Mike
    I purchased this for my pool room. Works great. I created a halo effect around the pool table!
  • Author: Nima
    Great quality!
  • Author: Cigo Kos
    I purchased this kit to light up my window frame, and didn't want a complicated system. It surprised me how bright the light was, and how easy it was to control. The only downside is how you have to cycle through all of the programs instead of an easy select program setting. Still lights up.
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