Moon LED Lights

Moon LEDS are a patented, easy to install, built-in walk-over lighting product based on Micro LED technology. Moon LEDS have a very low profile, which enables any user to install it easily and in almost any place. Moon LEDS provide incredible lighting options, from ambient lighting, pathway lighting, guidance lighting and safety lighting in various floor and wall materials such as hardwood, laminate, drywall, natural stone and almost any kind of material that has more than 5/16” width.

Moon LEDS are perfect for home & commercial applications such as restaurants, retail shops, hospitality business, hotels , sport facilities, theaters, casinos etc. Also, Moon LEDS work perfectly as guide & accent lights in several places like bathrooms, stairways, lobbies, offices, conference rooms, walkways, elevators or at entrances or exits of home and buildings.

Moon LEDS are constructed using quality materials. No problem stepping on them even driving on them.

Product Features

  • Easily installed almost by anybody with DIY experience
  • Energy-efficient: Only 0.5W per Unit
  • Solid construction with UV resistant lens can withstand 400lbs of walkover pressure
  • The lights are cool to the touch
  • Requires a minimum floor or wall thickness of only 5/16”
  • Available LED colors: cool white, warm white, blue, green, red &  amber
  • Great Life Span of more than 50,000 hours  (34 years, if turned on 4 hours/day)

Where to install?

  • Hardwood & Deck
  • Natural stone, Tiles etc
  • Exterior Deck (Outdoor version Only)
  • Any hard surface