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Solid Apollo's LED light bulbs are the perfect solution to save money and reduce the Co2 Carbon Footprint. Thanks to its high power LED´s you can expect a minimum saving of 80% in electrical bills, and up to 60% in maintenance costs.

We offer a wide selection of LED light Bulbs:
• LED MR16,LED GU10 and LED GU5.3
• LED Par20, LED par30 and LED Par38
• LED Globe, LED Track Lights etc

The main advantages of switching from incandescent lighting to LEDs are the following:
•  More than 50,000 Hrs lifetime compared to 1000 hours of conventional light bulbs.
•  80% less energy required that normal light bulbs with same or greater light output.
•  No heat generation, reducing Air Conditioning energy costs.
•  No UV emission, perfect for retail applications.
•  Dimmable to suit all installation needs, makes it easy to achieve all kinds of effects.
•  Almost 0% maintenance costs.
•  No hazardous or poisonous materials like Fluorescent lights.
•  100% recyclable.

Not all LED light bulbs available in the market are of the same standards. Solid Apollo's Light bulbs are made exclusively from TOP brand LEDs and the body is made 100% of Aluminum. It is extremely important  to have a 100% aluminum body because it is vital for the longevity of LEDs life span to dissipate a small amount of heat, and aluminum is the perfect material for the job. That is why we are able to warranty these light bulbs for 2 years!

Here are some competitive advantages that our LED light bulbs offer:
•  UL listed for maximum performance and safety.
•  Body made 100% of Aluminum.
•  Modular design with interchangeable power supply (Increases life span).
•  Only Cree and Osram LEDs used.
•  High Power factor (.90).
•  High Heat dissipation.
•  Interchangeable Output lenses (10º, 25º 40º 60º lenses available upon request).
•  High Color Rendering Index (85%).
•  In house electrical and driver design with top quality components.
•  2 Years limited warranty.

LED Dissipation
See all LED bulbs
See all LED bulbs
LED QR111 Series
LED QR111 Series


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